Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tip #4 – Discuss then Document. Discuss then Document!!!

It happened during our pre-construction meeting which occurred on 2/28/2011.  During the sales process we were told that during the pre-drywall stage we’d do a walk through with an electrician and select locations of outlets, and discuss certain things like under cabinet lighting.  Well, not true, says our PM.  In fact, he asked the questions that then puts all liability back on the buyers “who said that, and when.”  Well it was our sales rep, and it was during the sales process.  Turns out it doesn’t matter, because our PM says there will be no walk through with an electrician. 

What’s the lesson here?  Discuss then document, discuss then document. 

After each discussion, I now take detailed notes and send an email to myself, wife, and agent.  This serves as a time-stamped log of my notes, and keeps my agent in the loop.  

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  1. Very interesting...we have been told the same thing. So we have added about 11 additional outlets as well as some additional circuits that aren't standard. We have even requested that our dining room ceiling fixture be moved 8 inches off center so it will line up with our dining room table. If we don't do a walk through with the electrician, how will these options get included? I would like to hear from others who have gotten past the pre-drywall stage. Did you go through and identify where additional outlets were going?