Friday, March 18, 2011

Framing Day 1

Images from the first day of framing.

Ryan Homes, Venice Model, Framing Day 1
Front View, Garage Entrance on Left
Side View


  1. They've made a lot of progress on day one. Go on Monday and you'll be amazed at the changes.

  2. I'm glad I get to relive the building of another Venice - mine went way too fast! Take lots of pictures.

  3. Sooo exciting! I am having the venice too but we have not met with our program manager so its been really cool to watch other people of their progress.

  4. Although it seems like you are there every day I think you will still be amazed at how much progress gets done each and every day.

  5. Saw your question on another blog about an outlet in the master closet. I don't believe that is a standard feature. We had to add one to one of our master closets and we got the idea from another blog. Contact your PM and ask him. It's an easy add if it's not there.