Saturday, March 26, 2011

Framing Day 10 - Roof Goes On

Had a nice talk with our PM this past Friday.  Rough trades are in there working now.  Roof is going up today.  Mid next week all of our rough mechanics will be in.  Late next week we'll be getting insulation.  Next Friday drywall will start.

I officially informed Ryan and NVR Mortage that I'll be using my own title company.  This will save me $1,300.

Also, confirmed with my PM that he'll allow me to bring my home inspector in for the pre-dry wall inspection.  He said that it would be fine to do so.

The focus of a pre-dry wall inspection is on conditions that will not be visible after drywall is put up, such as unsupported point loads, missing or inadequate squash blocks, damage to window frames, missing draftstopping, bowed studs, bowed bulkheads, missing joist hangers, plumbing not flush with the wall surface, plumbing that is not adequately supported, structural damage resulting from HVAC or plumbing work, house wrap that is damaged or improperly lapped and taped.  All sorts of stuff I know nothing about.  The goal is to avoid major defects in the house. 

Ryan Homes, Venice Model, Reverse Floorplan

Roof is going up.

This roofer did not like getting his picture taken.  The glare he gave me was clear.

New Ryan Homes Roof going on.

Ryan Homes Venice Model Roof


  1. We used our own title company too. Beware that they made it very difficult and it was not a good experience. I hope they don't make it hard on you.

  2. Looks great1 I like the windows in the garage door. Glad you're having an inspector come along. It was so nice for us to have a pair of trained eyes.

  3. Thats crazy how every home has different garage doors....and your only up the road!!

  4. WOW...I only knew about half of what you were talking about...if you can get definitions of those items you will be focusing on during inspection I would love to see example: what does "plumbing not flush with wall surface" mean?

    Sometimes the style of the garage door is dictated by the design of the development as a whole. There are 3 different builders in our development and there is a requirement that the garage doors all be carriage style doors.

  5. Thanks for sharing your insight with dry-wall inspection. Thats lot of jargons you have put up. Our house is 1 week behind yours. I am planning to look for inspectors now itself. Are they any subset of inspectors who specialize in dry wall inspection?

  6. I called 12 inspectors and only found two who did pre-drywall inspections. One guy would have charged us full price for both inspections, instead of giving us a package deal for two nearly back to back inspections. The other guy was out of town. I asked our REA about this and she said I was the first one of her clients that have asked her about inspectors doing pre-drywall inspections. Mind you our REA specializes in new construction. So I hope you have better luck than I did trying to find someone.

    Regarding your title company, have you or someone you trust used them before? I ask because if you have a non-lender recommended title company, they can increase their fees as much as they want and could easily decrease or eliminate your savings. I've seen it happen. That's why we went with NVR Settlement because we know they could only increase their fees within a 10% tolerance as opposed to us going somewhere else. Also we wouldn't have saved anywhere what you are by switching. Just make sure you have an early closing so you can get your keys the same day if that is what you want. Your PM won't give you the keys until they've verified the wire.